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USD 32,00
Great Planes RealFlight G5 Expansion Pack 7

 This is the RealFlight Expansion Pack 7 from Great Planes.
              **Compatible only with RealFlight G5 and above.**

FEATURES: Adds 17 new aircraft-13 new airplanes, 3 new rotary wings, and three
            new flying sites
          On the Shooting Gallery site, flyers who are tired of having their
            wings clipped by Loopin' Louie can pull up a single-player target
            practice game and brush up on their marksmanship before the next
            combat event

INCLUDES: Airplanes;
            SR-71 "Blackbird"
            ElectriFly Evader
            ElectriFly Extra 330SC
            ElectriFly Silhouette 3D
            ElectriFly VFO
            ElectriFly Rifle
            ElectriFly Nieuport XI
            Multiplex FunJet
            Multiplex Merlin
            Aeroworks Ultimate - Winner of 2009 Futaba XFC Championships!
            Yak-55 (scale)
            3D Hobby Shop's A J Slick
            Rockwell Aero Commander
            Paper Airplane (foam aircraft that looks like a folded paper

          Rotary Wings;
            Heli-Max Novus 125CP
            Heli-Max Novus 125FP
            Curtis Youngblood's Rave 450

          PhotoField Airport:
            Alaska Float Fly

          3DFlying Sites;
            Obstacle Course
            Shooting Gallery (includes single player target practice game)

REQUIRES: Minimum System Requirements;
          Realflight Generation 5 (or above)
          COMPATIBILITY NOTE: Expansion Pack 7 is NOT compatible with any
            version of RealFlight prior to Generation 5
          DVD Drive
          Windows* XP, Vista or 7
          1 GB hard drive space

          Optimum Performance;
          Dual Core 2.4GHz CPU
          2 GB RAM
          3D Accelerated Video Card with 512 MB dedicated video memory

          *Local Administrator access required

USD 32,00

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